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Notification Regarding Water Bills
The Village of Athens has a new software application where you can go online to view and/or pay your
water bills.  

If you choose to pay your water bills online, there will be an additional $3.00 fee for every $100.00 increment.  
Example of fees are as followed:
Amount of Water Bill                          Amount of Fee
$0.01-$100.00                                     $ 3.00
$100.01-$200.00                                  $ 6.00
$200.01-$300.00                                  $ 9.00
$300.01-$400.00                                  $12.00

The website to pay water bills:
Municipal Code:  AthensMI011
Then you will be able to setup your account by creating your own user ID and password
Kids Time Daycare - Apply now for free preschool.   New income levels for families to qualify.
Also looking for families for the GSRP (4 year old) program.  Openings are available.  A possibility of this
program becoming an all day program.  
Call:  269-729-5852 for an appointment today